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Cmdr Ji Qi Ren
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Hi everyone,
Oh my, I feel really bad about signing up here, because I'm not much of a true trekkie compared to all the people on here. Never been to a con, never watched much of VOY and ENT, don't remember anything about Nemesis and can't be bothered to watch Star Trek (2009) because I have an irrational disklike of prequels. And I don't really watch any other sci fi series (or any series for that matter).
Oh well, "at least I'm not Brent Spiner". (Free tribble for anyone who knows the reference).

My fave series are TOS, TNG and DS-9. Favourite characters:
Kirk/Spock/McCoy, Picard, Data, Odo, Garak, Quark.

On the bright side, I've seen Patrick Stewart live in three theatre plays. It would be even better if I could remember any of it.

LOL, OK, enough whining. I have fond memories of being that weird kid in high school who gave a presentation about Star Trek because I didn't have any other hobby to talk about.
I hope talking to fellow trekkies on here will help me take Star Trek a bit more 'seriously'

Also, I'm 31, female, living in England (but not a 'native'). I work as a teaching assistant with kids with special educational needs and I like reading, swimming, psychology and learning new things.

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