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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Fight or Flight

This episode starts off alright, and it’s nice until we get to the part where Captain Archer decides to send over the coordinates to Earth’s star system without even getting past “Hello,” with a potentially new found species. That’s really bad, and it makes him look like he failed “Captain 101.” I know this is the first exploration mission for them, but even common sense should have kept him from that. What he did would be like going up to someone at a club and saying “Hi, here’s my home address and a map so you know how to get there,” before s/he even has the chance to say “Hello,” back. But at the same time, it’s the beginning and he’s learning.

I’m really not trying to keep saying things about Archer, but I didn’t like it when he was basically chewing out his second in command and the chief engineer during dinner over a command decision he made. He gave the order to resume their course, so if he had a problem with that then he should have taken that to his private quarters to either get over or rethink it. I hope to warm up to him, though.

It looks like Hoshi has some growing to do too. I would think that after seeing what was done to the other alien race, she wouldn’t hesitate to try to do what she could to get help, knowing that without that death was imminent. I think it’s too bad that she had to be kind of coddled into helping while the hull was being breached. When she tried, she ended up being able to speak pretty fluently, so I guess that worked out. They also made some friends, which was nice.

Grade: C minus

** I think I ‘m going to just give my overall impression of episodes and kind of group a few posts together from now on. **

Thanks for the information, but I don't read the literature. I've only really read one fanfic writer for S/U, and that was enough for me. I tried another, but I stopped before I was halfway through the story. So, I'm happy with the one, especially since she's still writing.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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