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Re: Perfect example of what they SHOULD have done with the TNG-R FX

Harvey wrote: View Post
So, let's get this straight...

-You want to crop the image to widescreen from it's original aspect ratio, ruining the composition of the shot.
Doesn't have to be widescreen...that just happens to be how that video was done.

-You want to replace the original model photography with mediocre-at-best computer generated visual effects -- effects that don't even bother to be any more visually dynamic than the originals.
On the contrary, the choreography is SIGNIFICANTLY improved over the original. More use of subtle motion and in multiple planes. Plus debris when the Klingon ship is destroyed.

And I was using this as a "proof of concept" video...of course the CBS team would be expected to put out a little better quality than that (though it's hardly "mediocre" at all).

Christopher wrote: View Post
As for that YouTube video, I don't see any material difference between the original shot choreography and this version.
davejames wrote: View Post
Um, I don't get it. Except for the ships being CG, it looked like the pretty much the exact same sequence.

Why go through all the trouble to make this if you're not going to at least come up with some cool new shots and choreography?

I will admit, though, the episode looks pretty damn good in widescreen.

The differences are subtle, but to my eye very clear. The motion of the ships is slightly more fluid and multi dimensional in the concept video. It's esp noticeable in the opening shot, and the "continual fire, all phasers" shot. Just enough change to make it more appealing visually. That and adding debris to the exploding Klingon ship.

JoeZhang wrote: View Post
Was the size difference between C and D as big as that video suggests? the scale looks entirely wrong, the D looks about 50 times the size of the C!
You're not accounting for the distance between the two ships in the scenes they're together in.

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