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Re: Hell on Wheels Season 2 *SPOILERS*

Random thoughts:

1. No question to me - The Swede season 1 was awesome and reminded me of Odo's instinctual need to maintain order. He genuinely cannot fathom how a murderer can not only be allowed to roam free, but also be given an important, respected position with the railroad.

2. Colm Meaney was the reason I started watching this show. Colm is as great as always but I don't know how I feel about the character of Durant yet. He seems like a generic Bad Boss Character so far. It was definitely a good idea to pair him with Lily as an equal/foil.

3. I was actually relieved when it seemed that Eva and Mr. Toole were out of the picture. I don't care for either character that much.

4. Somehow I think that the Joseph/Ruth/Preacher storyline will become more important over the coming weeks.

5. Sean McGinnes is an asshole.
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