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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

It is impolitic to say that the Empire ever truly fails, not all of it's endeavors work out as well as might be hoped. One such case is that of the Genghis Khan-class battleship. First draft design for the class was completed by 2282, and included what were thought to be the leading edge of future technological development for the Imperial Starfleet.

The basic hull design of the class was very traditional, based on time honored and tested concepts, with the addition of a few newer modifications that showed great promise The use of the MK 17-A enlarged saucer section was a welcome improvement over the older MK-15 model originally proposed. The extra enclosed space made it possible to reconfigure internal volumes slightly to improve utilities distribution such as life support gasses, computer interface optical cabling, and power transfer conduits.

The fault in the class lay in the weapons systems. The use of the FH-X-1 LAPT phaser banks did not prove as advantageous as the designers promised, and the massive 10 tube torpedo bay at the base of the inter-hull dorsal relied greatly on automation. The combination of the two worked well so long as the ship suffered no significant damage to either system. Once damage was incurred, however, the loss of efficiency significantly degraded combat capabilities. The torpedo systems in particular were extremely difficult to operate manually, and the concentration of the bulk of the tubes in one location meant that a single lucky strike could easily affect 1/3 of the overall torpedo firepower, if not more.

Only the initial order of five hulls of the class were built as a result. All were ultimately transferred to second-line duty in provincial fleets, where they served admirably.

---Senator (former Admiral) Augustus Leonard Cartwright, 2290
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