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Re: Armstrong stripped of 7 TdF titles

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I don't think this dramatically changes anything. As indicated in this thread, those who already believed he cheated will feel vindicated and those who don't believe he cheated will question the evidence or the process.
Pretty much, yeah. It'll be interesting to see for how long this damages his "brand," if much at all.
Apparently donations to his charity are up. I'd call that a win-win. People who think Lance Armstrong cheated get to see him stripped of his medals, people with cancer benefit, and people who support Armstrong can still believe that he didn't cheat because they aren't going to be convinced by pretty much anything but an admission. As for Mr. Armstrong. If he didn't cheat, he can take solace in his charity doing well, if he did cheat he can still take solace in his charity doing well and will just have to suck it up over the fact that he was caught.

There was some guy on ESPN the other day who reported on most of Armstrong's career. He said he's convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Armstrong cheated. He also pointed out that every single person who finished second has either tested positive, admitted cheating, or has been implicated in cheating scandals. What an odd little sport.
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