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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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"They did it first"? Seriously? Why does that matter at ALL? Poisoning the atmosphere of a planet in the DMZ with people living on it in order to catch one terrorist either IS OK or IS NOT OK. That the Maquis did the same thing to the Cardassians first is irrelevant.
Actually, it's very relevant. By attacking those Maquis colonies, Sisko ensured that they would have to move somewhere else - to the Cardassian colonies that were first attacked. Like I said: No one was left homeless, there were no casualties, as a result of Sisko's actions.

There are exactly two possibilities here:

- Eddington attacks, and Sisko does nothing. Many Cardassians are killed.

- Eddington attacks, and Sisko responds in kind (what actually happened). Maquis and Federation colonists exchange. No deaths.

So tell me, why isn't a scenario in which no one dies, infinitely preferable to a scenario in which there ARE deaths?
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