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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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I'm just not interested in any new projects that have anything to do with the old '70s series. I only care about the RDM version.
Speak for yourself. I'm interested. And there are many original BSG fans who would love to see the old cast reunited for a movie.

Sign up Hatch and bring back Benedict as "Starbuck".. the ONE, and the ONLY Starbuck!!!

Moore destroyed BSG.

Keep us posted.
You like the Old BSG format?

Starbuck and Apollo fight Cylons, one of them gets shot down, and meets some humans from a lost colony, solve their local problems, then takes off in a viper, and the Cylons come and they pick up where they left off, shooting down some more Cylons. After a hard days work shooting Cylon Starbuck and Apollo decide to have a game of Pyramid, you know in the old series Pyramid is a card game, Apollo reclines with Sheba and Starbuck with Cassiopeia. Boxy shows up with his robot Daggit and joins in the fun, then they wander off and get into some trouble and need being rescued by Starbuck and Apollo.
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