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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Bone to Be Wild (Farscape) - This was another good episode.Scorpius is definately bearable by now, which makes me hope he might be a compelling villain some day. Crais gets put in his place by scorpius in this episode. I get that he has a lot of pride, but if Crais had listened to Scorpius's sugesstion near the beginning, they probably would have found the fugitives. However, scorpius having super strength, and probably not being the same species as most peacekeepers, was kind of generic, its like the writers just want to burn into my brain that he's not very original

The planet was interesting, as was the fact that Zhaan is a plant (which does make sense when you think about it). I figured the woman was the real monster immediately, it was pretty obvious. I didn't like when Zhaan got all angry that John wasn't concered about the saftey of the plants, taking it personally, like he's some anti-plant guy. He was talking about how sentient beings had been killed. Zhaan may be a plant, but she was the only sentient one on the planet. Did she expect John to care about average plants? That he should be worried if a vine or flower lives or dies? If the monster had just been eating non sentient monkies, I don't think John would have been too concerned, either.

I liked the parts with Aeryn and the baby, and that she had to help convince it to trust them. The baby is pretty cool. Just one more episode of season 1 left to go.
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