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Please don't go, Boco. I am sure this was a misunderstanding.
Occasionally, it happens to everyone, that they accidentially say something that has a double meaning. Inevitably someone else will take the opportunity to make fun of it (I do that a lot myself). And exactly that happened here.
However, I am sure it was meant as a harmless joke and certainly not intended as an insult to any member of your family.

I think this is once again one of the cases where cultural differences cause huge misunderstandings:
Please take into account that not in every culture family is so highly valued as in Italy. For most of us, making fun of someone's relatives would not count as an offense. For an Italian with their very tight family bonds and touchy sense of honour a joke about someone's family would naturally be taken far more serious.

Running away is no good solution. It would be better if you'd explain exactly why you find the remark insulting. Then we would understand and could avoid similar misunderstandings in the future.

You make such pretty photos, it would be a huge loss if you'd leave. Please do stay.
And since it was mentioned that you were attacked previousely: if anyone flames or harasses you, we'll defend you and the Mods will step in as well. It's their job and our duty as your friends.


I love the chicken pic! It reminds me of my own granny who when I was a child often took me to the farm where she used to buy eggs. They always had little chickens in spring In Bavaria, we call them 'Singerl' because the sounds they make resemble singing.
What do you feed them in Italy? In Bavaria we give them a mixture of hard boiled egg, quark (a ricotta-like cheese) and nettles. Lots of minerals and proteins that make them grow quickly.


Awesome storm clouds, RyanKCR! The first pic looks quite frightening
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away

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