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The Great Romulan Evacuation

Spock holds a press conference after the events of the Star XI Trek Movie. Reporters ask him about the destruction of Vulcan. Spock admits it was all his fault and that he and his collegues should never have invented the red matter in the first place. When reporters ask his where he's from, he says he's from the 24th century and gives a specific date, he also describes Nero and his motivation for destroying his planet which was the destruction of the planet Romulus by a nearby supernova, Spock gives the exact date and time and mentions which star explodes. When asked if he is ever going to develop the red matter again, Spock says, Never, it was the worst mistake in his life, that he never should have developed such a lethal weapon of planetary destruction in the first place. This news gets broadcast across the Federation and beyond via subspace radio, part of that beyond is the Romulan Star Empire. What do the leaders of Romulus do?
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