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Re: Hayley Williams: Babe of the week #35 (Aug. 2012)

Teacake seems to be the only one that understands the usage of the phrase. I'm a bit surprised a link didn't occur from one of the comic threads. I feel I've used it there in discussion when editorial was trimming back it's publication schedule but that may be further back than a search would pull in.

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I personally found him using the word "things" a lot more inappropriate, yeah.
Having seen 2-3 people now apparently take "things" to somewhere I also didn't intend is just further proof one can't control someone else's interpretation.
I know I've said for weeks now how I'll be cutting back on monthly books come first of the year. My comic buying is a "thing" I'll be trimming back on. No different then when I "thin" my DVD collection.

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I'm not going to sit around and be told my intent by others.
Intent is irrelevant. Only consequences matters.

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Maybe this thread isn't for you with that chip on your shoulder.
Maybe the Internet isn't for you if you are so thin-skinned you can't take any criticism of your comments.
If the consequence is conjured out of thin air by someone else's own internal biases that's on them not me.

This isn't about "taking criticism" this is about clarifying intent. 005 is trying to tell me my intent and that's a joke.

With that I'll look forward to the hint next Thursday cause I'm done with this superfluous side bar.
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