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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

I just hope they don't immediately blow all that extra space on bad contracts again. They need to go back to building up their farm system and developing talent from the ground up.
We all know they're going to get desperate in the offseason and offer Hamilton the first billion-dollar contract.

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Also, man how do the Dodgers afford all of this. They went nuts during the trade deadline and now they bring in all of this. They upgrade everywhere.

Gonzo > Loney
Punto > Ellis

Beckett might be rejuvenated to be on a contender. Look what it did for Hanley Ramirez

Crawford is an upgrade in left. The Dodgers are ready to go all in this year.
Eh, they can afford it due to new ownership trying to prove that they aren't corrupt sacks of shit like Frank McCourt. While Gonzalez over Loney is about as big of an improvement as you can possibly make at that position, Punto doesn't play plus defense anymore and he's hitting at the Mendoza line, so he's really a wash. As for Beckett, I suspect that moving from Fenway to Dodger Stadium will probably make him look a lot more like old Josh Beckett than 2012 Josh Beckett.
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