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Re: Apple vs. Samsung Trial

Can't see them claiming copyright with a regtangulkar design with rounded corners working. (he PADDs in TNG had those) so it could be argued that Apple copied that design. But leaving that aside for one moment, a rounded corner is safer than a pointed one.

As for wanting it infront of a Jury, now depending on where the trial is held voir dire could play a part.

"Do you own an Ipad or Iphone?"
"Do you own a Samsung Mobile Phone or Tablet device?"

Also just as much as a jury could find in favour of Apple based on I really like Apple, the reverse is true. I really hate Apple so I'll find against them.

But Jury trials are much more complex than that. Plus even if the court ruled in favour of one side or another. The ruling would only apply to region the court has jurisdiction over. In the end it'll be the consumer that loses out.
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