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Re: Why Is Diversity Focused Only On Race & Species?

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I also don't I see anyone advocating for NOT continuing to have this kind of diversity in future Trek productions. I think the reason you don't see people talking about it much is because to some degree, it's assumed.
Exactly, which is why the question confused me. It's a given. If all the characters agree with each other, there's no story. Now, one could say that TNG suffered from a lack of interpersonal conflict, but they still managed to find ways for the crewmembers to differ over moral and philosophical issues at times.

Aside from that, as discussed in another thread in this sub-forum, diversity of sexual orientation is certainly LONG overdue. So there's one kind of diversity that goes beyond "just race or species", and in that regard, I absolutely agree that going forward, Trek should incorporate such diversity.
Yes, absolutely. And there's room for more religious diversity in Trek as well. Sure, ST is mainly a secular-humanist, science-based universe, but there are religious humanists as well, and there are scientists who are religious, or at least who believe in some higher power of some type. Heck, many of the great scientific innovators of centuries past were Muslims or Christians. I was always a little disappointed that they didn't make Dr. Bashir a Muslim and explore that aspect of human diversity. Voyager did make an effort to explore Chakotay's spiritual side at first, but it was a bit of a copout because he didn't belong to any real tribe so it was kind of a fictionalized amalgam of Native American beliefs -- and then they pretty much completely abandoned it after a few seasons.

In that case, though, I suspect the heavy hand of UPN, which restricted VGR and ENT in so many other ways, came into play here as well. Networks are often afraid to tackle religion for fear of offending viewers. Even DS9, a syndicated show, had to fight with the studio execs to work in as much Bajoran religion as they did. (Which is probably a factor in why Ron Moore based so much of Battlestar Galactica and Caprica on religious and spiritual questions. Those shows were his effort to do all the things he was constrained from doing on Trek.)
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