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Re: Why was Sisko assigned to DS9?

It's always seemed to me that Sisko was on the fast-track to getting a ship of his own (much as Riker had been) prior to Jennifer's death, as he had already served as first officer twice. Her death was such a profound blow, however, that it sent his life into a tailspin, and caused his career to stagnate. By the time Starfleet was ready to assume control of Terok Nor, Sisko had been promoted to full commander- one step from a captaincy- but he was so frustrated and unhappy with his life in Starfleet that he was considering leaving it behind.

Having served with Sisko aboard the Okinawa, Thomas Leyton understood the younger man's potenetial. As an admiral, he was almost certainly aware of Sisko's unhappiness with Starfleet, and recognized that offering a ship to someone wasn't invested in such an assignment would not be prudent.

Enter Deep Space 9, a space station built by Cardassia, located near a backwater, low-priority planet. Leyton likely recognized that recommending Sisko for this assingment was a low-risk move. Bajor was unlikely to join the Federation, so Sisko's leaving wouldn't impact the Federation as significantly as if he were commanding the Enterprise, or handling another assignment of great importance. However, if Sisko were able establish a rapport with Bajor- something no other Starfleet officer had accomplished- it would ensure him of a captaincy and restore his career to its original track.
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