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Re: Locutus and Ben Sisko

^I didn't say that they were irrefutable evidence. But they're evidence nonetheless of the plot and of the dialogue and of the character development Sisko undergoes during the episode. That's a lot more than Deckard has done - he just keeps popping up saying 'No, that's not it.' I'm still waiting to hear what he says the point is.

Edit -

Here are extracts from the actual script itself. First, the meeting with Picard:

It's been a long time, Captain.

Picard looks at him curiously as they sit.

Have we met before?

Yessir. We met in battle. I was on
the Saratoga at Wolf 359.

Picard blinks, acknowledging that Sisko has said something
entirely inappropriate. He chooses to move on... but there
is a definite subtext that runs through the scene... Picard
is curt, remote... Sisko is Starfleet attentive but his eyes
are cold and angry...
And from near the end of the episodes, during his dealings with the Prophets.


I've never left this ship...


You exist here.


I... exist here.

The Tactical Officer leads Sisko #2 out... Sisko steps slowly
forward and moves to his dead wife taking the place of his
double... picks up her hand...

(to the aliens)
I don't know if you can understand.
I see her like this every time I
close my eyes... in the darkness in
the blink of an eye, she's there...
like this...

None of your past experiences helped
prepare you for this consequence...

Sisko shakes his head, slowly...

DEEP SPACE: "Emissary" REV. FINAL 08/21/92 - ACT EIGHT 113.


And I've never figured out how to
live without her.

So you choose to exist here.

He nods, unable to speak... she moves closer...

It is not linear.

And of course it is so simple in its truth...

No. It's not... linear.

Sisko gently places down the hand of his dead wife...
and as he accepts that this is really the end of their
life together, tears roll down his cheeks, and he
begins to truly grieve his loss.
But if someone saying 'No, that's wrong' without offering an alternative explanation is more convincing, well, there you have it.

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