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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

Oh, you sadistic bastard, you!

Talk about a cliff-hanger!!!

Again, another fantastic scene. You have such a great way of ramping up the intensity, and vividly describing a battle scene without getting bogged down in excruciating detail. You always give just enough "direction", if you will, to let my mind play out the complete scene in all it's glorious - and sometimes gory - detail. Well done!

And, once again, your development of Pell has been both surprising and wonderfully satisfying. Not to mention, Verrik's quick-thinking action.

Which brings me to Lar'ragos: I don't know exactly how you've done it but, with this iteration of Pava, you've made him at once one of my favorite characters but also an interloper who I find myself actually rooting against for a change.

You've got tensions playing in all different directions, between and amongst nearly all the characters, and it's one of the many aspects of this story that makes it so damn compelling.

Again, incredibly well done.

p.s. - now drop the other damn shoe, will ya. The antici .................................................. pation is killing me!
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