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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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The enhanced visuals and sound are appreciated, but they're not changing my opinion of the episodes themselves. The story, ideas, writing and acting remain the same.
I don't know. For me, the muddy picture and awful coloring before was always such a huge distraction, that it kept me from enjoying all but the very best of the episodes-- episodes where the writing was so strong, nothing was going to bring them down.

But now, with the picture cleaned up so beautifully, I find myself liking some of the more average episodes a lot more. Episodes like Symbiosis, Hide and Q, and even Lonely Among Us, which I always dismissed before, actually seem pretty damn good now.

Obviously the terrible episodes like Code of Honor and Angel One are still terrible, but for the most part I'd say the remastering has improved the season quite a bit.
I know what you mean. I've finished the season now, and I was surprised at how tolerable most of the episodes were. The improved visuals really helped, as did not having seen many of these episodes in a couple of decades, if ever. For some reason, I'd seen Justice more times than is right, but even that seemed new and appealing this time round (maybe it was all that skin)...

I'd held-off ordering Season 1 due to fear, but I had such a good time with it in the end, I'm now really looking forward to Season 2. I might even watch Shades of Gray! I can't imagine how I'll feel when I get my hands on the Season 3 set next year!
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