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^While I do appreciate her position, that would only have been a valid argument if Harbinger had vanished into the crowd after ME2. Instead it gets it's own new codex entry playing up it's age and significance. Then he gets foreshadowed, *twice*, once by a dying reaper and again before the final mission...only to show up in a cameo.

It's pretty obvious they they had intended to use Harbinger in a more substantial way at some point, but didn't have time to implement it. A familiar pattern.

My problem is that a lot of the responses in that discussion were like this; justifications after the fact bordering on patronising. I'd have more respect for them if they dropped the PR nonsense and just answered honestly: "Why did we use a stock photo for Tali? Because we didn't have the time of money needed to do a full face scan and build a proper mesh for her."

In other news; the full Leviathan trailer is out.

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