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Re: Locutus and Ben Sisko

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Good point. Perhaps it was more that they wanted to connect Picard to Sisko in some way?
Perhaps. I just find it funny now in hindsight. I know that the Defiant was originally built to fight the Borg. Was DS9 planning to have the Borg pop up from time to time, and if so, what made them scrap that idea?
No, the Defiant came to help with the threat from the Dominion. They probably figures that a starship tough enough to fit the Borg would be good to have in case the Dominion attacked. And they were right...
Yes, I realize that the Defiant was there to fight the Dominion. I'm asking, from a writer's standpoint, why mention the Borg at all? You could have just easily called it a new battleship without saying anything about the Borg, unless there were in fact plans to have the Defiant one day fight the Borg on the show (and yes, I realize that she does eventually fight the Borg in First Contact).
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