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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Oh okay, so I'm not so bad. I saw both of those. I saw Babylon 5 because I love DS9 and I heard it was based off of Bab5 to an extent (shame on Paramount). What I liked about Bab5 was the sheer number of ideas and themes that were being dealt with. It surpassed DS9 in that area. What I think DS9 did a little better was thoroughly working out the fewer themes and ideas it dealt with. Now I didn't see the movies, so I'm going to guess that this was done there. Just going off of the series, though, I think there were things that were left hanging. Like, I know that Leeta went with G'Kar, but we never got to see her (in the series) be able to control herself and find peace. We also didn't get to see Psi Corps destroyed (IIRC) and some kind of peace worked out between them and the "mundanes," with the outcast telepaths included and represented as well. That would have been nice. Still, I really enjoyed the series. It had some really great characters.

I thought nuBSG was good, and the last season and a half was just okay for me. There were some great twists in there, though. I didn't like the "triangle," or "quadrangle," or whatever it's called. Kara and Sam seemed to work itself out, but the rest of it was a mess.
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