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Re: Why Is Diversity Focused Only On Race & Species?

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We hear lots of talk about a Star Trek series needing a "diverse cast".

"Diverse" in this sense seems to always mean different races for the human members of the crew and for different alien species for the nonhuman crew members.

Isn't this a pretty narrow minded view of diversity?

What about diversity of values, morals, character, personalities?
I think that from what I've seen of Star Trek (and I've only seen all of one series - DS9), that's what the plot lines of the episodes consist of. If you watch DS9's Waltz, that entire episode is Gul Dukat's values, morals, and character being challenged by Sisko. In The Pale Moonlight is another episode where Sisko has to go against his values, morals, and character in order to do the "right" and ultimately "moral" thing. So then what does that say about his morals and values if he's willing to go against them to uphold them--and is that moral? Then there was Kira and her disgust with Collaborators because she thought they lacked moral integrity and sold themselves out only to find that her mother was a Collaborator, and why, and that made her have to rethink her thinking...

One of my favorite moments where a character is confronted with their own values and double standards is when, I think in season 7, Damar was talking about how bad the Dominion was and how they were harming even the weak and defenseless of the Cardassians. He said something like "Who would do something like that," and then Kira replied with something like, "Yeah, who would do that!" That's what the Cardassians had done to the Bajorans for 50 years and he didn't see a problem (for various reasons) with it until then.

I don't know, but I think the kind of diversity you're looking for is there. At least, that's what I think. If you're just talking about the main cast (or crew), strictly, then there was that too. Everyone had a different take on things, and heads did butt.
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