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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

I didn't really expect KJ, if she really returned, would just take up w/ Chak. Thought maybe she would be changed by her experiences, but hoped perhaps she & C. would manage to connect enough that there would be possibility for a relationship in the next (!) book. Now I love having them together at the end, but hope they can keep it interesing in the next (yes please, Pocket Books) Voy. book. Well the idea of a "command team" being involved was something KM didn't seem to think would work, so guess now will have to see how that will go, lol. PS well the print of the book is so small I might have to skim it tomorrow and get the Kindle version on Tues. (yes more $ for Pocket Books, but another sale for TET is ok) and get to really read it w/ larger print. I swore I wouldn't pay higher Ebooks prices, but this time may be worth it again.
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