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Re: Wesley Crusher: Racist

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Yeah, that's exactly what Wesley is

If anything, Mendon is the racist.

But considering the same actor played both characters, they really do look alike to me.
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You know, you can blame Wesley for a lot of things, chief among them being an annoying ass, but rascist? That's stretching things to the point of absurdity or just plain trolling.

I was going to do an eye-rollie and say something like "typical Trekkies can't tell when someone is obviously posting in good humor..." but then I realized that now *I* was being prejucide and generalizing.

I believe those Benzites were supposed to look a like, I mean, completely alike, such as identical twins. Of course the whole dialogue between him and Wesley was to explain to the viewers why he looked identical, but was a different character.

As for Trek displaying all members of a race as being the same in behavior (i.e. greedy Ferengi, violent Klingon), I believe is the result of Trek always mixing up species, race, and culture, as if one can mean the other, and how some times it's all the same thing.

Dividing race from species, is simply a matter of whether two members can produce offspring, if they can, than these are races, if they cannot, these are species. Example: a rottweiler and a pit bull can produce offspring, so they are the same species, but different races. A Brown Recluse and a Black Widow cannot produce offspring, thus they are a different species.
In Trek, beings that evolved over billions of years from other ends of the galaxy can produce offspring, thus they are races, though the chances of two complex organisms such as a klingon and human being genetically compatible in spite of the fact they evolved on separate planets is about as likely as an Irishmen going to China, finding someone identical to himself, including his first, middle, and last name, and having parents identical to his own with the same names.
Culture, on the other hand, is perfectly fine to stereotype, because culture implies a set of commonalities. An example: if you were an actor, and I told you I wanted you to show up ready to play the part of a goth kid, you'd come into the studio dressed in black, black nail polish and lipstick. It would also be reasonable for you to assume that your goth character listens to The Cure, Bauhuas, Joy Division, and a host of black/death metal bands. It would also be reasonable to assume that your character is either going to be a depressive introvert, or a violent introvert, watches horror movies, and has a fascination with death and the macabre, and probably choose wicca or satanism as your spirituality.
Why are these stereotypes allowed? Because these are the most common components of "goth". At least half of those attributes would have to be present in order to make a case for saying someone is "goth".
A culture is defined by it's fashion, attitude, media consumption, traditions, and value system.
Races may commonly have a culture, but many do not fit within the culture i.e. there is a difference between black culture, and being a black person.

It is at least reasonable to assume that the reason different "races" on Star Trek tend to come with their own culture is because their race has developed in isolation before warp technology, and thus have their own culture, complete with a strong set of characteristics that define their culture.
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