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Re: Apple vs. Samsung Trial

The previous post wasn't my best one. What I was trying to ask was if there are any who feel samsung copied apples patents, and what they felt about apples tactics in the courtroom vs samsungs tactics, the selection of a jury (that seems to be unqualified to decide patent law) to decide a case that could have huge huge ramifications on the types of phones we will be using a few years from now. My opinion is this:

Samsung did copy apples designs. But I feel like the designs were the next logical step in "smartphone evolution" and if apple hadn't designed it, someone else would have, I think apple laying claim to the rectangular shape and rounded corners is a bit extreme, we were already seeing things going in this direction with palm style pdas and pocket pc's so it would only have been natural that these designs would have been woven into smartphones. Apple did not invent the touch screen or the rectangle as much as they would like you to believe. Now, Apple did wage a smart court battle with the Before Iphone/After Iphone cards. They knew there audience (A jury unqualified for patient law) and played to it. If I had been on the samsung team, I would have made cards showing things like Before color tv/ after color tv, before the ps one controller/ after the psone controller, etc. to illustrate that "Yes, apple beat us all to the punch first, but this design was the next step in smartphone evolution, and we used basic aspects of it, without stealing technology, and put our own spin on it. The vast majority of people knew when they walked into an electronics store that they were buying a samsung tablet or phone." That was essentially the point I was trying to make with my previous (poorly worded) post.
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