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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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It could've been because the shot was not originally done on the same day as the rest of the episode. It might've even been shot a week or two weeks later when the editors found that there was maybe an issue with the film (such as the camera may've got bumped and for those two seconds the footage was extremely shaky). But I'm surprised that they couldn't find a similar shot from another episode to just splice in.
I'm pretty sure it was done on the same day... it's the same exact camera setup except for some cropping (mostly on the top, bottom and left) in the upconverted SD shot -- or you can say the new film scan actually shows too much of the exposed negative (you can even see beyond the extreme edge of the aperture on the right side). They could've used the previous shot when Riker first looks at Data and just reversed it so he appears to look at Picard. They could even have rotoscoped Riker's face from the upconverted shot onto the full HD shot, but that probably would've looked weird. He also puts his hands on his hips, so his posture changes.

Here a direct comparison of the two shots:

In matching the frames, you can even see the lens distortion from the old telecine from 1988.
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