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Re: Why Is Diversity Focused Only On Race & Species?

^ What Christopher said.

I really don't see a lack of the kind of diversity you are talking about in the shows. And not just in terms of basic personality, but also in values, even as regards a specific situation - the main characters are not always just sitting there nodding in agreement about how to handle every crisis. See "The Masterpiece Society," "Ethics", and "Hippocratic Oath", to name a few. Trek - the entire franchise, as a whole - has its share of problems, but "a bland, same-y cast" generally hasn't been one of them.

I also don't I see anyone advocating for NOT continuing to have this kind of diversity in future Trek productions. I think the reason you don't see people talking about it much is because to some degree, it's assumed. When discussing what a future potential Trek series might be like, few are going to bother to speak up just to say "And we also need a cast with some diversity of personality, and they need to not always agree on everything!", because everyone already knows that that's something we'd hope to get, because that's simply having good characters. As Christopher points out, at the very least, we know the writers/producers will try to provide that (whether or not they succeed is a separate issue, but they're not going to go in intending to make bland, boring cut-outs).

Aside from that, as discussed in another thread in this sub-forum, diversity of sexual orientation is certainly LONG overdue. So there's one kind of diversity that goes beyond "just race or species", and in that regard, I absolutely agree that going forward, Trek should incorporate such diversity.

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