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Re: Wesley Crusher: Racist

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Because planets and continents are constructed?
"structure" doesn't mean "constructed by man."
It can mean things like a valley structure created by a river, but it can also mean a road.

And it can be like a genetic structure, which is either natural or manmade.

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What I took away from it was that the never-heard-again-in-all-of-Trek term "geostructure" wasn't just another word for "planet", or "continent", or anything similarly familiar to us [snip] but referred to some Benzite-specific thing.
The current slang meaning of "Geo" is fantastic, awesome, incredible, things really positive. If Mendon and his geostructure are perhaps a genetically created or enhanced segment of the Benzite species, then his statement in the transporter room to Wesley could have been a announcement of pridefulness or arrogance. "We are from the same geostructure, naturally we all look alike." Of course we do, we're perfect.

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