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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

Not sure what to say on this one yet. Hate getting rid of Gonzo, and Crawford was showing what he could be since he came back (minus detour to have TJ surgery). Beckett HAD to go, though, and not a Punto fan. I guess to clear that much money (rumor is LA paying all but like 10 mil total of this one), Gonzo was the price to pay.

On one hand, plenty of room to do whatever now, and a ton more prospects to play with in trades over the winter, or incorporate some and trade some of ours, whatever.

It's definitely a blow it up and rebuild moment, though. This one just wasn't getting it done, but still drastic. Bobby V had better go, as well as clearing out most of the staff in the offseason.

This should also be the way that Ellsbury gets his money to stay with the Sox. He gets Crawford's deal, give or take...
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