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Re: Armstrong stripped of 7 TdF titles

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And this foundation of his apparently raises oodles of money for cancer research, something like fifty million a year. Hopefully that doesn't take too much of a hit since it's worthwhile.
I heard a woman from the foundation on the radio earlier today. She stated that a cancer diagnosis in the US can often mean financial disaster, even if you have insurance, which is an appalling situation.

The foundation has apparently helped thousands of people - IF this is the case, I would think the good done by Armstrong far outweighs misdeeds such as cheating at a sport.

Is there any proof - not just of the doping, but of the tangible benefits provided by the foundation ? I'm thinking he is may well be guilty as charged of the doping, but am undecided about the foundation...
Nope, not a shred of proof, Lance was the most tested athlete in history.
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