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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Same here. Extremely hard to notice.
It goes by so fast in the actual episode. It's seriously just a quick shot of Riker turning his head.
I find it interesting how there are shots that look exactly the same that are in HD yet this one clip of Riker turning his head is missing. You think they used a different reel for his turning head from a take done before or after the reel we see in HD?
It could've been because the shot was not originally done on the same day as the rest of the episode. It might've even been shot a week or two weeks later when the editors found that there was maybe an issue with the film (such as the camera may've got bumped and for those two seconds the footage was extremely shaky). But I'm surprised that they couldn't find a similar shot from another episode to just splice in.

But I was just rewatching the Binar episode, and it's too bad that the Blu-ray team didn't switch the shot of Quinteros and team walking hrough the docking port. It always looked weird, since they approach the Enterprise's door, and are right at it, but then they cut too the team walking out of the Starbase doors. I think those were originally suppose to be in the opposite order.
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