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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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And yet it was marketed as a movie which would feature the Romulans as antagonists. Again, part of the problem.

A problem for you.
A problem for the movie. It's failure on so many levels did not hinge on whether or not I approved of it or not.

And you might want to stop with the roll eyes after every post, it's considered rude. People are going to disagree with you, might as well get use to it.
Now apply that to the eye roll.

You're quite right, BTW, and since this is a public message board/discussion forum, people are often going to keep posting their opinions. That doesn't just mean ME, it means everyone. It's not my place or anyone else to imply that contributing to this thread should cease and desist in any capacity. As much as I despise this movie is as much as anyone can like it, and I'm fine with that, but when people chose to discuss their opinions about it, it's gonna end up similarly to this thread.

The biggest problem is they talk about this awesome villain who took control of the Romulan Empire. Then we get Forrest Gump.

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