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I'd love to hear some thoughts on the Red Sox. My opinion is that the clubhouse is divided with the old corps players (Pedroia, Beckett, Gonzalez, Lester, Otiz) and then the younger players (Middlebrooks, Ellsbury etc.) I feel like those corps players made up their mind before the season started that they weren't even going to give Bobby V a chance. Ironically most of these corps players are having shitty years. I feel like the younger players don't have the status yet to rock the boat, so they just shut up and play ball. At some point the owners need to just dive in and say, "look this guy isn't going anywhere." What a mess.
It's that they're an incredibly dysfunctional organization. Remember that Robert Andino is the butterfly that flapped his beautiful backup infielder wings, and in doing so caused hundreds of millions of dollars of property damage to the Red Sox brand. Without him they'd probably still have Francona and Epstein and be firing on all cylinders; the team's management seems to have gotten very caught up in the dramatics since then, to the massive detriment of the organization. (I know I harp on this a lot, but just look at the way they traded Kevin Youkilis for a bag of dogshit -- only to release the dogshit soon after -- when there was no need to trade him.)

They are and have been a very, very fucked-up organization for quite some time, as evidenced by how no one leaves without having a massive hatchet job done on them. Bobby V's is already in progress, and Lucchino's going to plant a story in the papers that Adrian Gonzalez was molesting puppies in the clubhouse or something similarly absurd within a few weeks of this trade going through.
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