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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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If a child born today will be 88 in 2100, that child will have had an entire life to make the world a better place in 2100. It's his responsibility, not ours. The generation in power has to make sure things don't get FUBAR between now and 2020. The generation after that has to keep things intact until ~2050 and even the generation mentioned in the OP will really only be in control until ~2080. The succeeding generations will have a far better understanding of the needs of their time than we will. Our best thinking could create massive problems down the road. Choking, sooty pollution used to be viewed as a good thing, a symbol of productivity and advanced technology less than a century ago.

It's fine to think about the future, but thinking there is a lot we can do, aside from climate change mitigation, is false. Also, futurists need to really get off the idea of "exponentially faster" development. There will be no singularity.
Bolding for emphasis. No, it's our job to make the world the best it can be to hand on to them. They mess it up, that's their problem, but we shouldn't expect them to fix our mess up.

I still think the Singularity is going to happen, if - and it is a crucial if - we can overcome the energy problems, which we are capable of doing of the will is there.

One reason I think the Singularity is coming is things like the following article, which is much closer in time frame. Some of the comments at the end are interesting too.
1984? We're way beyond that!

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