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The Deception rewrite is still underway, according to Chris Priestly:
Chris Priestly wrote:
Yes, it is being worked on by the publisher. When we have an era, we'll let everyone know

It is the same author/story, just re-edited with closer attention to game lore with help from our ME team.
Also, if anyone is interested, Jessica Merizan, Chris Priestly, and Fernando Melo held a reddit AMAA today.
I'm as critical of Bioware and ME3 as anyone, but I actually think she got it about right when it came to Harbinger. His role in the story is right there in the name.

Harbinger. A herald. To foreshadow a future event. To make known the approach of another.

I wouldn't have objected if he'd had a role in ME3, but I didn't miss him, either.
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