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Re: Why was Sisko assigned to DS9?

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What was the original mission for Sisko and what was the original purpose of retaining Terok Nor? We know that the Cardassians used the station for ore processing, but Starfleet wasn't going to use it for that. So, before moving it to the wormhole, what was the plan for the station? Why keep Starfleet personnel up there?

Bajor did look to be a backwater location; it probably didn't rate anyone higher than a commander. Or maybe the commander was meant to get the station operational before an admiral showed up to take over (though that never happened, maybe for political reasons).
As I understand they were simply to provide a presence or deterrent to the Cardassians while the Bajorans rebuilt their world. Also maintaining diplomatic ties to the Bajorans in hopes of eventual Federation membership. Someone else also mentioned that it was a great way to maintain a facility close to Cardassian territory.
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