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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

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Doesn't really sound like Star Trek to me.
Has all the story elements, just one thing missing, No Federation. The crew are not Star Fleet officers, they do not have Star Fleet training or discipline all they have is a Starship and a captain that's analogous to Captain Bligh. The people on this starship have to work this out together, they're one ship against the galaxy, probably the Klingons won't be much of a threat unless they wish to take on the entire Klingon fleet!
In reality, Captain Bligh was known to be an overly agreeable and accomodating captain to his crew and that his permissiveness allowed the famous mutiny to form and allowed conditions on board to deterioriate to the point they did.
Well there has to be something wrong with a captain who steals a starship and goes back in time with it. Let me refer you to a non Star Trek novel Island in the Sea of Time by SM Stirling, you can look up the basic plot in the internet as well. In Island in the Sea of Time, the Island of Nantucket from our time gets sent to the year 1250 BC, and there was one particularlly unscruplous character, in the US Coast Guard was made first officer of the USC Eagle, a clipper ship that was taken along with the body of water and Nantucket back to the year 1250 BC. A character named William Walker initiated a coup against his Captain Marian Alston, and took off first to Britian, and later to Greece to create his own empire with his superior technology and weapons, and he build up a force to conquer the World, and set himself up in conflict with the Nantucteers. I'm thinking of a Star Trek Captain with a personality similar to this William Walker.
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