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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #61: Worf, Captioning with Honor

Thanks for the win.

Sisko: "Gentlemen, the situation is dire. Despite our best efforts to promote the sombre agenda, joy continues to be a driving force on Deep Space Nine. We must double our efforts. Odo, crack down on the Ferengi Episodes, see if you can't make them uncomfortable enough that they just won't work anymore. Mr. Worf, your mission to drain Dax of all enthusiasm through the marriage must step up a phase. As for myself, my annual Torture O'Brien Scheme is, as of now, an annual Torture O'Brien and Bashir and Possibly Kira Scheme".

That most pernacious and alarming of Cardassian neuroses; the feeling that you aren't being watched.

"No! Not again! We're not having a Scottish Plasma Ghost seducing a main character on this show! (muttering): I knew that Shakaar fellow looked familiar..."

Worf: "On Qo'noS, the man who first proposed the safety rail is reviled as one of the Five Dishonoured Cowards of the modern era. I will not obey the Bajoran Health and Safety Act".

Martok: "And then the human shays to the other human..."we're humans! We don't have a spine! Ha ha ha ha ha ha *hic*

Worf (thinking): Please don't be offended...please don't be offended....please don't be offended....
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