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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Lol, CFM pumps! I had to google what that meant... ahem. I don't think I'll be wearing them in public.

Just owning them makes me feel good. That mysterious happiness that comes from owning sexy shoes...
If you do decide to wear them out(!), there are ways to tone them down a touch. In fact, despite the obvious pairing for them being sexy evening outfits, depending on your figure/tastes they'd be surprisingly versatile in some really smart daytime looks.

For instance, they'd go great against tan outfits when autumn arrives (think suits or more casual but still elegant combinations, like those long cardigans) and right now against white (think simple summery dresses) or navy/white (think nautical-inspired outfits). Dangerously, sexily smart but still day-appropriate.

For a more fun(ky) look, you could even try them against a black/white polka dress, with a few red accessories. For a more casual look, faded slim denim looks great against red high heels. These last two looks are quite retro/vintage in their ways, but could be done with a modern feel. In some ways, patent rather than suede would be easier for these two looks, but I think the suede can still work.

The key is to aggressively limit your palette to solid neutrals (black for night and tan, white, mid-light grey, etc for daytime) to keep the red colour the highlight of the look and use textural interest in the other items to balance the visual grabbiness of the shoes. If you introduce a pattern rather than a solid into the rest of your look, make sure it's bold and simple enough to counterweight the shoes (eg. a polka). If you introduce another colour rather than a neutral, I think at most you could venture into a really dark navy blue.

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I bought a box of delicious sangria for a party and an Asian money tree plant for a friend's birthday.
When it bears fruit, does it yield Yen or Renminbi?
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