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Re: Buffy & Angel comics

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As for the first library edition of BtVS season 8, it actually has an extra story in it that the TBP don't have (I think), and which was only (?) published online before. Do you know if the future library editions will have these extras as well, or will they contain the same material as the corresponding TPBs?
The extra story is "Always Darkest", the 3 pages web comic written by Joss Whedon? I love that one, it's one of my favorite issues of season 8.
Yes, that's the one. Nice little story.

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I don't have the library editions, but according to Wikipedia, the other 3 library editions don't have any of the other web comics. Which is fine, since the rest of them aren't really particularly interesting or good and you don't really need them to understand anything. All the web comics can be found on Dark Horse's Myspace page under "Dark Horse presents", but you have to search a little. Most of them aren't about the known characters, except a couple that feature Harmony.
I did find these, already, but thanks for pointing them out! One of these stories, "Carpe Noctem", is included in the "Tales" library edition. So is "The Thrill", which you mention below, btw.

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However, it seems that the library editions don't have the Willow one-shot and the Riley one-shot?
They don't? Hmmm... I was hoping that by going with the library editions I would get all the stories, including the remaining Dark Horse MySpace stories and the one-shots. I was even about to ask if anyone here knows if there will be season 9 library editions as well, but I'm starting to lean towards the paperbacks now.

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The trade paper backs seem to include more material than the library editions: the Willow one-shot ("Goddesses and Monsters") and the Riley one-shot ("Commitment through Distance, Virtue through Sin") and, besides "Always Darkest", it also includes 3 other short web comics).
So the TPBs include all these stories? The one-shots and the web comics? If TPBs include more material (or at the very least the same) as the library editions, than I will go for them. And as a plus that means I won't have to wait that long , and they take less storage space. Can anyone confirm this?

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It's better to only talk about season 9 once you finish season 8, to avoid spoilers. Season 9 is ongoing and contains not just the Buffy title but also Angel & Faith and two other spinoff miniseries featuring
Plus there are two little mini-stories. I believe the first one, set before the beginning of season 9, is included in the first season 9 trade paperback.
Have these spinoffs started already? I've seen TPBs for the main Buffy and Angel&Faith series, but not for any spin offs... I think.

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Which issues have you read so far?
A long time ago I read The Origin, Fray, and Angel: ATF vol.1. I cannot remember too much about them though. I also read BtVS s8 vols. 1 and 2 back then, but those I reread recently. Also Tales of the Slayers, Tales of the Vampires, and Spike (the 8 issue series).

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And then... well, the climax of the season is very divisive and controversial, and many people thing that it ruined the season, but there are people who like it...
I've been spoiled already on a couple of major plot points. I'm curious to see how they get there though.

Thanks for the feedback! I've been really enjoying reading these stories so far, and this discussion, as well as helping me figure out which books I want to read/buy, is also a lot of fun.
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