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Re: Hayley Williams: Babe of the week #35 (Aug. 2012)

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Please, stop being pretentious.
Trimming the herd is just an expression for narrowing down a field of "x".

I can't help that you want to interpret it in a negative manner, for whatever reason, but I'll just point out you're wrong and leave it at that. Are you just one of those people "looking to be offended" at any opportunity? Jeesh.
It's your phrase. You chose to use it.

The only time i've ever heard it used is in nature, by cattle ranchers, and by someone "trying" to be "funny". In this instance, you were attempting none of those things.

The phrase is degrading toward women the way you chose to use it in this context. It objectifies women, treating them as if they are lesser individuals or worse - Property.
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