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Re: Khan, Picard and the theme of revenge

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Would you say there some similarities between Khan in Wrath of Khan and Picard in First Contact? Both of them wanted revenge on another party for they felt had wronged them and both of them lost their sense of perspective over the course of the film. The key difference of course is Picard came to his senses near the end, while Khan was unwilling to give up on his quest for revenge. So how do you think the theme of revenge compares in both Wrath of Khan and First Contact?

some key differences: Khan's revenge was focused on an actual person, while Picard's was focused on a more faceless, impersonal enemy.

Picard's desire for revenge was justified considering the Borg kidnapped and violated him. Khan on the other hand tried to take over Kirk's ship, then later blamed him for a freak astronomical occurence.
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