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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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There are other reasons why I wish Odo had been a humanoid for this episode, because the fact that he is a Changeling caused me to think certain things that I never wanted to think.
There are more problems to, did Odo form a penis just for Arissa, does Arissa know he has no shaft or does she want to explore regardless? This episode should be of lower score for it stoops so low just for Odo to bag some woman of his dreams for a week or so.

And I thought Odo had the crazies for Nerys... Seriously Odo spurned Lwaxana's affections and that cute Bajoran woman during the last episode of season 4 so it's obvious Kira is da ONE. This episode would have been so much more better and so much less clichéd and shallow if Odo spurned Arissa's advances or even hit himself with a painstick as he is torn between two women but picks neither...

It just feels out of character, Odo is shy around women who are interested in him so that's another reason why this episode is so naff. It seemed to me that the writers HAD to have Odo have sex with any old woman just for the sake of it, regardless of cheesiness, Odo's character or even a good story.

to the writers.
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