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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Broken Bow, Part II

Now, on to the second half of the series opener. I liked the Soulabon (sp?) lady they met, and I was sorry to see that she died. Seeing the gel rub-down wasnít necessary, but I suppose itís useful for Trip and TíPolís bond building. Perhaps if it came later in the series when they are closer and have a clear attraction, it would have been better. And then it doesnít make sense to do a jelly rub-down with a tank top and pants on either. If they couldnít have gone in the chamber separately (and naked, the camera didnít need to show the private areas) to get completely sprayed with the cure because it doesnít come in aerosol form, then it makes more sense that they would have gone in, again, completely naked (wouldnít their clothes have been contaminated too, or does it not affect clothing?) to do the rub-down. Okay, enough about the rub-down.

The rescue mission was nice. Iím not sure that Hoshiís hearing can really be that good, but you never know. This makes me wonder if genetic engineering was something Earth did at that time; I think of Bashir on DS9. I started to feel better about Archer, and then it was the same by the end of the episode. He was smug again, knowing they had information about the Soulabons the Vulcanís didnít (outside of TíPol, whom without they couldnít have gotten it). That did change when he was along with TíPol, and I liked the fact that he owned up to his ďproblemsĒ with her; that was nice. I think they made TíPol fit in a little too easy and a little too fast, almost like she was a guest character and they didnít have an entire season to do this. It was a nice twist to have the information that made Klang so important in his DNA structure. I like DS9's opener better, but this was alright. Those are my thoughts.

Grade: C+
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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