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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Well, I haven't played it, because I don't own a console (I just have a PC, and a rather old one, at that), so I don't really know about Birds of Steel, but I'm a big fan of flight simulators. I've played many... Battle of Britain II, IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, Lock On: Modern Air Combat, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004... and my favorite in fact are WWII combat flight sims. Really fun. In fact, alongside point&click adventure games, simulators (mainly flight sims, but also realistic racing) are my favorite genre, of course, I like games from many different genres, but if I had to choose an actual favorite genre, it would be these two.

They have a steep learning curve, but once you've started climbing up the curve it's really fun. IMO it's even better with a joystick (the only way to play on full realism, that's how I play, with a really cheap one, 5). I assume the analog sticks of the console controller serve the purpose, though.

If you need any flying tips, just ask. Salute, fellow pilot.
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