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Re: Buffy & Angel comics

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Is the quality of ATF and BtVS s8 and s9 stories fairly constant and on par with what I've read so far (in your opinion, of course)?
I would agree with DevilEyes in regard to Season 8, that it starts off well, sagged a bit in the middle with the pointless one shots, and then towards the end felt in places it had lost the plot quite a bit. But was still overall a very fun read and definitely worthwhile.

As for After The Fall, yes if you're a fan of Angel you should definitely enjoy it. I thought the story was compelling all the way through, though I do remember being slightly disapointed at the way the "Hell-A" story was wrapped up, but yes overall it's awesome.

The art however is another thing. Unlike Season 8 it didn't really have a regular artist. They should have just kept Franco Urru on it all the way through (he did #1-5, then went off to do Spike:ATF, and came back for the last three issues #15-17)
The 'First Night' stories of #6-8 feature some great art to be fair, it's after that it suffers. Nick Runge did #9-11, and from the Wesley story in #7 you can see he's capable of greatness, I guess he was just rushed doing a monthly series as though he does some good work, some panels are pretty bad.
Then Stephen Mooney does #12-14, and I just find a lot of his stuff for IDW's Angel & Spike comics really static and awkwardly drawn. Again, some panels great, some not so much.

So thank god when Urru returned for the last three issues and delivers some of his finest work, wowza.
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