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Re: How does that blasted transporter work anyhow?

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...So TNG actually takes place in 2010? I'd much rather have the painted plywood and backlit Okudagrams, so that there'd be at least something futuristic there.

If the technology exists to build a Cylon, it should have repercussions - in consumer electronics, fashions, military tactics, the way we prepare our food. Failing to show any of those eats away the credibility of the Cylon itself. How hard would it really have been for EJ Olmos to play a recognizable, loveable, loathsome human being in a set that featured a bit more rayguns or nanoclouds and a little less cigarettes and spent gun cartridges?

Timo Saloniemi
Well actually the Cylon related technologies appear in the spinoff Television show Caprica, you have holobands and virtual technologies that are effectively similar to the holodeck, except the Holodeck emerses your real body, while the holoband emerges only your mind and gives that mind a virtual body to control. The reason why Battlestar Galactica looks like our own world except for Cylons and spaceships is in part explained away as a luddite reaction to the first Cylon War.

Star Trek is not all that different from 2010 either. I heard Steve Jobs got the idea for his IPad from the datapads used in Star Trek, the communicators became cell phones. Flatscreen televisions makes it easier to have large main viewscreens in front of the bridge. Phasers simply replace regular guns and tasers.

On the other hand, have you ever visited the site Orionsarm? That was an attempt to make a so called realistic Space Opera. I find such a setting very difficult to imagine, too many superhuman transapients running around. A good analogy is the hyper-cube, it is a 4 dimensional cube. While a cube has 6 square faces, and hyper-cube has 8 cube faces, the hyperspace these cubes bound is impossible for us to visualize but we could imagine ourselves traveling through the 8 cubes that make up the hyper cube. Orionsarm is like that, the main movers and shakers of this setting are godlike supercomputers using wormholes to link various nodes together. Much of what's described in that setting is a bit over the top, most ordinary humans are on vacation as they are the pawns manipulated by these supreme intellects. Not in my taste is another way of putting it. I do think that sometime in this century, we will build a machine that can think, but what happens after that is unguessable as it would take inhuman imaginations to imagine it.
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