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Re: Perfect example of what they SHOULD have done with the TNG-R FX

And yes, I am a little disappointed they didn't do a proper job on TNG HD.
Proper in what context exactly?

The intention with this project from the outset was to 'restore' the original show in HD. That's exactly what they are doing, SFX elements and all! That IS the proper way to do this particular job. If it were a reimagining or a modern upgrade, then CGI would probably be the way to go.

Likewise, if TOSR had been a 'restoration' project in the truest sense, they would have pulled the Enterprise out of the Smithsonian, restored it and re-filmed all of the original shots with physical models...likewise the other ships used throughout the series. TOSR was a reimagining / update of the effects though, so that wasn't the case.

I prefer the approach taken with TNG and it looks outstanding.
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