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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

Yep. I agree with that...and a couple of us Jericho fans have already spoken about it here in the thread. It was a waste and he put guys over that didn't really need it. CM Punk was already over as WWE Champion. Let's see...the Brazilian flag suspension wrecked what was obviously going to be a program against Randy Orton (arguably one of the most over superstars in WWE history right now), so no he didn't need to be put over. Then finally the losing (maybe this was the office's way of "punishing" Jericho for the suspension incident. That made a lick of sense. Then finally the last program against Ziggler...who I personally don't think needed to be put over.

I really don't know what Jericho was thinking at all during this entire run. JeriTroll was the most fascinating and possibly unique thing to come out of it but that was quickly dropped and he became typical heel Jericho again. I'm still baffled by the whole run. There was nothing that came from this run at all.
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